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    Magnetic Plate
    Category:Magnetic Plate
    Release date:2020-02-08 15:02:32
    The magnet inside the magnetic plate is usually Ferrite or Rare-earth magnet. They are assembled regularly to optimize high-performance. To meet customers’ particular requirement, we have multiple designs applicable to different product volume, flowing speed and production line. Magnetic plate is designed to be installed in chute, or in the conveying process. The most displayed position are under conveying material, suspension above the conveyer belt, or installed at the terminal of conveyer. The strong magnetic field will attract and hold the iron tramps when material pass through the plate magnet.
    Magnetic Plate optional features:
    1. The shell material: SS304, SS316,SS316L;
    2. Surface Finishing: either brushing or sand blasting
    3. The magnetic strength grade: 1500Gs, 4000Gs, 8000Gs,10000Gs;
    4. Working temperature grade <: 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 250, 300 degree Celsius;
    5. Various designs available: plain face, tapered trap, suspended plate magnet;
    6. Installation: Hinge, hang ring, latch, screw thread rod etc can be added to the magnetic plate for easier installation
    7. Customers’ designs, specification could be fulfilled.
    The alternative standard design:
    Plain face (PF )magnetic plate
    This design is usually recommended to be above the material. Such as suspended plate magnet or installed in some chutes and ductwork. 
    Tapered trap (TT) magnetic plate
     Usually, a trap will be added on plate surface, to prevent captured ferrous contaminants from being washed off by oncoming product. A trap face can be either plain shape or tapered step shape on the magnets working surface. This trap is a tapered step placed at a position within the north and south magnetic fields that cause captured ferrous contaminants to be drawn to the underside of the trap where they are safely retained, preventing wash off from oncoming product. It is designed for extremely flowing products.
    Suspended Plate Magnet
    It is important to know the allowable suspension height of plate magnet as well as thickness of material burden. This information will help in the proper selection of magnet strength. Another important factor is width of conveyor. Since the magnetic area of plate magnet should cover the entire width of conveyer. In other words, width of conveyer decides the width of plate magnet. Plate Magnets can be made in various strengths to optimize performance in various depth product streams. The shallower the product stream, the better the separation results will be. 
    High surface magnetic field type magnetic plate
    The high surface magnetic field type magnetic plate is installed at the bottom of sideling pipeline, downspouting usually. The magnetic plates catch up the iron tramps when the material pass through the surface of it. Compared with other several types of magnetic plate, the operating distance of high surface magnetic field type magnetic is shorter, but the adsorption capacity in the effective range is stronger.

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